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Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F

Price $95.98
3in (76mm)
Temperature Range:
-30 to 120F
NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration:
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F

The Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F, is a red spirit filled glass thermometer for general lab use, with accuracy to NIST tolerances and individual serial numbers. This 12in (305mm) thermometer has a range of -30 to 120F, divisions of 1 degree F, and an immersion depth of 3in (76mm). Its sturdy nickel-plated brass case with built-in suspension rings protects against breakage. The slotted front allows ease of reading, while etched black divisions show clearly against a white background. 


  • For general lab use
  • Metal slotted case protects against breakage and allows easy reading
  • Meets NIST tolerances

Temperature Range    -30 to 120F

Division           1 degree F

Immersion      3in (76mm)

Type    Armored Non-Mercury

Length 12in (305mm)

The Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F, is a versatile and reliable temperature measuring instrument designed for general laboratory use. This thermometer is filled with red spirit for accurate temperature readings and features a range of -30 to 120F, with divisions of 1 degree Fahrenheit.

One of the key features of this thermometer is its sturdy nickel-plated brass case, which is built to protect against breakage. The case is also equipped with suspension rings, allowing for easy hanging and storage. The slotted front design of the case ensures easy reading, while the etched black divisions on a white background provide clear and precise temperature measurements.

Measuring 12 inches (305mm) in length, the Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer has an immersion depth of 3 inches (76mm), allowing for accurate measurements in various liquid substances. The thermometer is manufactured to meet NIST tolerances, ensuring reliable and precise readings.

For added convenience, each Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer is individually serialized, enabling easy identification and traceability. Additionally, the product comes with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for reference.

To explore more options, customers can visit our website and browse through our full line of Mercury-Free Thermometers, ASTM Mercury Filled Thermometers, and ASTM Non-Mercury Thermometers.

In addition, we provide a range of informative blog articles related to the use and importance of thermometers in various applications. These blogs cover topics such as certification and specifications of precision ASTM thermometers, the use and dangers of mercury-filled thermometers, temperature conversions, and the role of thermometers in concrete testing, among others.

Overall, the Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F, offers a reliable and durable solution for temperature measurement in laboratory settings. With its accuracy, protection against breakage, and NIST tolerances, it is an essential tool for any lab technician or scientist.


Gilson Company Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F

Non-Mercury Armored Thermometer, -30 to 120F

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