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Needle Valve Nut for Concrete Air Meter

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Needle Valve Nut for Concrete Air Meter

The Needle Valve Nut for Concrete Air Meter is a crucial accessory for accurately measuring air content in concrete. Made with high-quality materials, this nut is designed to fit perfectly onto our Concrete Air Entrainment Meters, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Our Needle Valve Nut complies with industry standards, including AASHTO T152 and ASTM C 231 test methods. This ensures that you can trust the accuracy of your air entrainment test results and make informed decisions regarding the quality and performance of your concrete.

In addition to the Needle Valve Nut, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories for concrete air entrainment testing. Our Tamping Rods for Slump Cone Test are essential tools for consolidating concrete specimens in required tests, such as slump, air content, and strength. These rods have hemispherical tips for effective consolidation.

To remove excess material, our Concrete Strike-Off Bar is the perfect tool. Made of high-quality steel, this bar helps achieve smooth and level surfaces, ensuring precise measurements in your concrete air entrainment tests.

For those in need of replacement gauges for their Concrete Air Meters, we offer a selection of quality, dependable gauges that fit most Type B Concrete Air Meters. These gauges provide accurate readings and are essential for maintaining the functionality of your air meter.

If you require a replacement air pump, we have you covered as well. Our Replacement Air Pump is compatible with Gilson Concrete Air Meters and many other similar models. With its solid construction, this pump offers a longer service life, providing reliable and consistent performance.

To further delve into the world of concrete air entrainment testing, we have curated a series of informative blogs. Topics covered include the importance of concrete testing, the relationship between air and concrete, and the proper pressure required for accurate testing. These blogs are written by materials testing experts who share their knowledge and insights to help you make informed decisions in your construction projects.

Choose our Needle Valve Nut and our comprehensive line of Concrete Air Entrainment Meters and Parts to ensure accurate and reliable air content measurements in your concrete. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality for all your concrete testing needs.

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Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 231

Accessories to Concrete Air Entrainment Test:

Tamping Rods for Slump Cone Test have hemispherical tips and are for use when consolidating concrete specimens in required tests that include slump, air content, and strength

Concrete Strike-Off Bar is used to remove excess material

Replacement Gauges in Concrete Air Meter Parts are quality, dependable gauges that fit most Type B Concrete Air Meters

Needle Valve Nut for Concrete Air Meter

Needle Valve Nut for Concrete Air Meter