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Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter

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The Bon Tool 82-135 Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter is an essential tool for every construction worker and DIY enthusiast. This high-quality adapter is designed to simplify the task of handling concrete and other heavy materials effectively, while still offering superior performance and durability.

With its 180-degree sweep handle, this adapter provides maximum comfort and control, allowing users to position it precisely in the best orientation to get the job done right. You can turn it clockwise to lock, or counter-clockwise to unlock, ensuring that you can work safely and confidently, without worrying about accidental slippage or mishaps.

This mini rock 'n' roll adapter is compatible with 13/8" snap handles, making it the perfect choice for anyone in the contracting or construction business. Its sturdy construction and robust build quality mean that it can handle even the heaviest loads, allowing you to work efficiently and safely in any situation.

Because it's so compact and lightweight, this adapter is easy to transport and store, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you're working on a large construction project or just tackling a DIY home improvement job, the Bon Tool 82-135 Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter is the perfect choice for anyone who wants professional results.

In summary, the Bon Tool 82-135 Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter is a must-have for anyone who needs to handle concrete or other heavy materials. With its versatile 180-degree sweep handle, easy lock and unlock mechanism, and robust build quality, it's the ideal tool for anyone who wants to work efficiently and safely while achieving professional-level results.
 Bon Tool 82-135 Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter

Mini Rock 'N' Roll Adapter