Micro pestle, pp (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific 81441 Micro Pestle is an essential laboratory tool for efficient and effective sample preparation. Made with high-quality polypropylene material, these double-ended micro pestles are built to last. With one end that fits 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes and another end that fits 0.5ml tubes, these pestles are versatile and can cater to various sample sizes.

Their autoclavable feature makes sterilizing them a breeze, ensuring a contaminant-free environment for your experiments. These micro pestles are excellent for resuspending bacterial cells and precipitates of nucleic acids or proteins, making them ideal for molecular biology and biochemical applications. They are also useful for tissue grinding, which is a crucial process in various fields like genetics, pathology, and cell biology.

The United Scientific 81441 Micro Pestle comes in packs of 12, providing ample supply for laboratory and research use. The 8 packs included in each purchase make this deal a great value for money. These micro pestles are lightweight, easy to handle, and convenient to use. They are an essential tool for any laboratory that deals with samples of various sizes and requires efficient sample preparation.

United Scientific has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality laboratory products, and the 81441 Micro Pestle is no exception. It is an excellent investment for any laboratory and research facility that prioritizes accuracy, efficiency, and convenience.

Invest in the United Scientific 81441 Micro Pestle pack today and experience its versatility, durability, and efficiency when it comes to sample preparation.


 United Scientific 81441 Micro pestle, pp (pk of 12)

Micro pestle, pp (pk of 12)