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Margin Trowel - Cs 5" X 2" Xl Cg Handle

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The Bon Tool 11-895 Margin Trowel is an essential tool for any masonry or construction work. It features a sturdy construction that is built to last long. The trowel is designed with the user's comfort in mind, with an exceptional XL comfort grip handle measuring at 5" long and 11/4" in diameter. This handle is specially crafted for ease of use, allowing you to work for long hours without experiencing hand fatigue.

The Bon Tool 11-895 Margin Trowel is a versatile tool that enables you to work on various masonry and tile installation projects. It comes with a narrow and thin blade made from high-quality steel, measuring 5" x 2". This functional design allows you to work on tight spaces with ease and precision.

The trowel's blade is precisely ground, making it easy to maneuver around various surfaces. It is also tempered with a special heat treatment in Bon Tool's facility, ensuring the blade's strength and durability.

The Bon Tool 11-895 Margin Trowel is also designed with cleaning in mind. Its edges are carefully crafted to be smooth and well-polished. This feature helps prevent any issues of residue and debris buildup, making cleaning the tool after use fast and easy.

This margin trowel is available with two handle options: the XL comfort grip handle or the XL wood handle. The XL wood handle measures 5" long x 15/16" in diameter, a comfortable grip for easy use.

In summary, the Bon Tool 11-895 Margin Trowel is an excellent investment for professionals or DIY enthusiasts who have a keen interest in masonry or tile installation. Get your hands on this versatile and durable tool today and enjoy excellent results every time.
 Bon Tool 11-895 Margin Trowel - Cs 5" X 2" Xl Cg Handle

Margin Trowel - Cs 5" X 2" Xl Cg Handle