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Macroscope 45x Power Portable Microscope

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The Macroscope 45x Power Portable Microscope is no longer available. However, we have some great alternatives for you to consider.

First, we have the V049.MACR_size-2-L 100x microscope. This powerful portable microscope comes with a light pen, allowing you to easily illuminate your specimen. With 100x magnification, you'll be able to explore a wide range of details on various objects. Whether you're examining plant cells, insect parts, or even fabric weaves, this microscope will provide you with crisp and clear images.

Second, we have the V049.MACR_size-2-L 40x microscope. This compact microscope offers a slightly lower magnification than the 100x version but is still capable of providing detailed views of your specimens. The light pen ensures that your subject is well-illuminated for optimal viewing. Whether you're a student, hobbyist, or professional, this microscope is an excellent choice for observing small details.

Finally, we have the V049.MACR_size-2-L 20x microscope. This entry-level microscope is perfect for individuals who are just starting their microscopy journey. It offers a lower magnification, making it suitable for larger, easily observable subjects. The light pen included with this microscope allows you to bring out the intricate details of your samples.

All of these alternatives are portable, making them perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you're conducting field research, exploring nature, or even just indulging in your curiosity at home, these microscopes are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport. They are also constructed with durable materials for long-lasting use.

While the Macroscope 45x Power Portable Microscope is no longer available, these suggested alternatives offer a range of magnification options to suit your needs. Whether you require higher magnification for more detailed observations, or a lower magnification for broader views, these microscopes are sure to deliver. Explore the microscopic world with ease and precision using these portable microscopes.


 Turf-Tec MACR451-L Macroscope 45x Power Portable Microscope

Macroscope 45x Power Portable Microscope

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