Light leaper accessory

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The United Scientific LLA001 Light Leaper Accessory is an innovative and effective tool used for electrostatic demonstrations. It is an insulating printed circuit board that comes equipped with a metallic conduction path that has six breaks and binding posts at each end. This board is designed to be connected to an electrostatic generator and produces simultaneous sparks in each of the breaks as charge flows between the poles of the generator.

This accessory is a popular choice among electrical professionals as it is known to produce efficient results with electric Van de Graff generators. The product has been tried, tested, and improved, and is known to provide reliable results for both personal and professional use.

The United Scientific LLA001 Light Leaper Accessory is a sleek and lightweight product, weighing only 62.5g (0.14 lb). It has a dimension of 195 mm x 100 mm x 21 mm (7½” x 4” x ?”), making it ideal for easy transport and storage. This accessory is not compatible with Wimshurst Machines or hand-crank Van de Graaff Generators, but it can be used with any other operating electrostatic generator.

In conclusion, the United Scientific LLA001 Light Leaper Accessory is an essential product for anyone looking to optimize their electrostatic demonstrations. It is a time-tested and proven accessory that produces reliable results with electric Van de Graaff generators. Get your hands on this must-have accessory today and elevate your electrostatic demonstrations to a whole new level.


 United Scientific LLA001 Light leaper accessory

Light leaper accessory