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Left Throw Two-Way Permanent Derail

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Two Way Derails | Seedburo Rail Equipment

Derails are emergency car stopping devices to prevent unauthorized movement of a locomotive or railcar.

The derail lifts the flange of the car wheel and drops it clear of the rail impeding forward movement.

OSHA, FRA, and DOT regulations require derail protection for all active rail siding.

Derails help prevent these railroad accidents:

  • Railcars rolling into each other.
  • Unauthorized or premature removal of cars by locomotive.
  • Rollaway car escaping out onto mainline.

Permanently Installed Hinged Derails
For permanent derailing capability use these Hinged Derails on exposed rail track and wooden ties. Derail "shoe" swings on or off the rail and can be padlocked in either position. Derail blue flag and holder (manually-operated) are included.

Portable Derails
For temporary derailing capability use these Portable Derails on exposed rail track and wooden ties. All portable derails feature tool-free installation, are lightweight, and feature a patented safety hook to keep derail from sliding down the rail. Derail blue flag and holder (manually-operated) are included. The one-way portable derails are used for freight cars and all size locomotives (rails 90–141 lbs, wooden ties, tie spacing: 18–24"). The two-way portable derails are for freight cars and 4-axle locomotives only. Do not use two-way with 6-axle locomotives (rails 100–136 lbs wooden ties, tie spacing 19–24").


  • 4014-03: Permanent Derail, Left Throw Two Way
  • 4014-09-S: Portable Derail, Left Throw Two Way
 Seedburo 4014-03 Left Throw Two-Way Permanent Derail

Left Throw Two-Way Permanent Derail