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LED Tube Bulb, 5000k Color L24in

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Seedburo Canadian LED Grain Grading Light Tubes

  • These LED tubes, used by The Canadian Grain Commission for grain inspection, eliminate the need for frequent replacement of the old technology fluorescent tubes that are costly to dispose of properly.
  • They are guaranteed to last for years longer than the old fluorescent bulbs and retain their color and light values during their entire life.
  • No deterioration of the bulb or the fixture filter due to UV degradation.
  • The LED tubes will fit your existing 48" or 24" fixtures with ballasts.
  • They are estimated to last 60,000 hours with an L70 calculated lifetime (at 55º Celsius, 131º Fahrenheit), of over 20 years.
  • The bulbs are warranted for 3-years.

The new LED Canadian light tubes are a great energy saver for onsite labs or grading rooms. With up to 80% less energy cost than traditional florescent tubes, the ballast compatible 20W and 9W LED tubes can be placed in existing fixtures without removing the ballasts for immediate
use. The color temperature of the 20W and 9W Canadian LED tubes meet the CGC requirements of 5000K. This LED Tube has the approval of the Canadian Grain Commission.

  • T820-4B-92-5000: Ballast Compatible (20W) LED 48" - 3-6 bulbs ship in one carton - 52"L X 8"W X 4"H, Ship. wt. 3 to 5 lbs.
  • T809-2B-92-5000: Ballast Compatible (9W) LED 24" - 3 pieces ship in one carton - 26"L X 6"W X 6"H, Ship. wt 3 lbs.
 Seedburo T809-2B-92-5000 LED Tube Bulb, 5000k Color L24in

LED Tube Bulb, 5000k Color L24in