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CLG-1400 Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator 230V / 50Hz

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The Lab Companion AAHE1042K CLG-1400 Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator is a high-performance refrigeration unit designed for use in laboratory settings. With its fully insulated chamber and high thermal efficiency evaporation system, this refrigerator ensures minimal temperature fluctuation and efficient cooling.

One of the standout features of the CLG-1400 is its dual refrigerating system, which eliminates the need for defrosting. This not only saves time and effort but also improves the overall durability and longevity of the refrigerator.

In terms of convenience, the Lab Companion AAHE1042K CLG-1400 is equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-operate control panel. The panel features a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and touch-sensitive buttons, allowing users to easily adjust the temperature settings. Additionally, the refrigerator offers the convenience of temperature unit conversion between °C and °F, ensuring compatibility with various scientific measurements.

The CLG-1400 provides clear observation of stored samples with its built-in bright fluorescent lighting. The interior of the refrigerator is made of high-quality 304 grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. The efficient use of internal space is facilitated by height adjustable wire shelves, allowing users to customize the storage configuration to suit their specific needs. For added flexibility, the refrigerator also features a built-in 50mm diameter cable port, which can be used for connecting external probes or wires.

Safety is a top priority with the Lab Companion AAHE1042K CLG-1400. The refrigerator is equipped with high/low temperature protection and overcurrent protection to safeguard both the stored samples and the unit itself. An open door alarm and automatic fan stop interlock system minimize heat loss when the door is opened. Additionally, the refrigerator features a keypad lock function and a built-in door lock with a key, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the contents.

With a chamber volume of 1327 liters (46.9 cu ft) and a temperature range of 2 to 10 °C (35.6 to 50 °F), the CLG-1400 provides ample space and precise temperature control for a wide range of laboratory applications. The exterior of the refrigerator is constructed from durable steel with a powder coating finish, while the 60mm polyurethane foam insulation helps maintain temperature stability.

Overall, the Lab Companion AAHE1042K CLG-1400 Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator is a reliable and efficient refrigeration solution for laboratories. Its performance, convenience, and safety features make it an excellent choice for storing temperature-sensitive samples and materials.
 Lab Companion AAHE1042K CLG-1400 Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator, 230V / 50Hz

CLG-1400 Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator 230V / 50Hz