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Lab Companion AAH23531K ISS-3075R 230V Incubated Shaker, 60Hz

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The Lab Companion AAH23531K ISS-3075R 230V Incubated Shaker, 60Hz is a high-performance laboratory equipment designed to provide efficient and precise shaking and incubation functions. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it is an ideal choice for various laboratory applications.

The incubated shaker offers a wide temperature range from ambient to -20°C, allowing users to create an optimal environment for their samples. It features a competitive high shaking speed of up to 500 rpm, ensuring thorough mixing and agitation. The orbital shaking motion, with a diameter of 19.1mm, guarantees uniform and consistent results.

Equipped with a microprocessor PID control and three-point temperature calibration, the incubated shaker ensures accurate and stable temperature control. The maintenance-free BLDC motor generates a smooth, quiet, and powerful shaking motion, even with heavy workloads. The best effort run function intelligently manages the shaking speed to prevent interruptions, even when the workload exceeds its capacity.

The incubated shaker is designed for convenience and ease of use. It features an intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus, allowing users to easily navigate and set parameters. The digital timer, with a range of 1 minute to 999 hours and 59 minutes, enables precise timing of shaking operations.

The transparent viewing window, equipped with bright LED lamps, provides clear observation of samples without affecting the chamber's environment. Two adjustable-height shelves increase storage capacity and allow for static incubation or refrigeration. The built-in electrical outlet with a safety cover inside the chamber adds to its convenience and functionality.

Safety is a top priority with this incubated shaker. It has an automatic run feature after power interruption, temperature and shaking speed deviation alarms, over-current protection, and a stalled platform check. The triple independent temperature monitor system ensures accurate and reliable temperature control.

With its stackable design, retractable foot caster option for easy mobility, and built-in RS-232 and USB ports for external control and data collection, the Lab Companion AAH23531K ISS-3075R 230V Incubated Shaker, 60Hz offers versatility and flexibility in laboratory settings.

Overall, this incubated shaker combines performance, convenience, and safety features to provide an efficient and reliable solution for shaking and incubation needs in laboratories.
 Lab Companion AAH23531K ISS-3075R 230V Incubated Shaker, 60Hz

Lab Companion AAH23531K ISS-3075R 230V Incubated Shaker, 60Hz