Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator Including RS-232, 102L

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The Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment designed for optimal temperature control and precision. With a capacity of 102L, this incubator is perfect for various laboratory applications.

One of the standout features of this incubator is its temperature range, which extends from ambient +5C to 70C. This wide range allows for flexibility and accommodates a variety of experiments and research needs. The microprocessor PID control ensures accurate temperature calibration and automatic tuning, guaranteeing reliable and consistent results every time.

The IB-15G Incubator is specifically designed for yeast cultivation, making it ideal for microbiology and biotechnology applications. Its vibration-free design ensures that samples remain undisturbed, promoting proper growth and development. The air-jacked natural convection system provides uniform temperature distribution while minimizing contamination caused by external air intrusion.

When it comes to convenience and ease of use, this incubator does not disappoint. The intuitive control panel features a bright LED display with a 0.1°C resolution. It also offers dual wait on/off timer modes, allowing for precise scheduling of experiments. Additionally, the incubator includes a convenient preset function for three commonly used temperature settings, simplifying operation and saving valuable time.

The inner tempered-glass door enables sample monitoring without affecting the chamber temperature, ensuring stable conditions for sensitive experiments. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior not only provides durability but also facilitates easy cleaning and optimal airflow. The fully insulated dual-wall door with a magnetic rubber gasket enhances temperature stability and prevents energy loss.

The Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator also offers a range of additional features for enhanced functionality and versatility. It is stackable with another unit using the optional stacking kit, saving valuable lab space. The built-in cable port allows for the use of other instruments inside the chamber, further expanding the incubator's capabilities. The RS-232 interface enables external control and data collection, making it compatible with existing lab equipment and systems.

Safety is a priority with this incubator. It includes over-temperature and over-current protection, safeguarding both samples and the equipment itself. Audible and visible open door alarms ensure that potential disruptions are immediately addressed. The automatic run feature resumes operation after a power interruption, preventing any loss of data or progress.

With its advanced features and unmatched performance, the Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator is the perfect choice for any laboratory setting. It combines precision, convenience, and reliability, making it an essential tool for various applications, from microbiology to biotechnology and beyond.


 Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator Including RS-232, 102L

Lab Companion AAH21171K IB-15G Incubator Including RS-232, 102L