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Wire Shelf for ISS-4075(R) / SIF-6000(R); 20.3" x 19.9"

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The Lab Companion EDA8233 Wire Shelf for ISS-4075/R is an essential accessory for any laboratory. This wire shelf is designed to provide a spacious and sturdy solution for storing and organizing your laboratory equipment and supplies. With dimensions of 20.3" x 19.9", it offers ample space to accommodate a wide range of items.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this wire shelf is built to withstand the rigors of a laboratory environment. Its strong wire design not only ensures durability and longevity but also provides excellent ventilation. By allowing air to circulate, it prevents the buildup of moisture or odors, ensuring the quality and integrity of your stored items.

Specifically designed for use with the ISS-4075/R laboratory incubator, this wire shelf seamlessly fits into the unit, maximizing its storage capacity. Installation is a breeze, as it simply slides into place on the existing shelf supports. You can easily adjust the shelf to different heights, allowing you to customize the configuration based on your specific needs.

Versatility is a key feature of the Lab Companion EDA8233 Wire Shelf. It can accommodate a wide range of laboratory items, including petri dishes, culture bottles, and test tubes. The open wire design provides easy visibility and access to your stored items, saving you time and effort during your laboratory work.

Cleaning this wire shelf is a breeze. Its smooth surface allows for quick wiping or rinsing, ensuring hygiene and preventing the accumulation of dust or contaminants. This makes it ideal for maintaining a clean and sterile laboratory environment.

Investing in the Lab Companion EDA8233 Wire Shelf for ISS-4075/R will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your laboratory workflow. Its spacious size, durable construction, customizable configuration, and easy cleaning make it a reliable and practical addition to any laboratory. Organize your laboratory equipment and supplies with ease and maximize your storage capacity with this versatile wire shelf.
 Lab Companion EDA8233 Wire Shelf for ISS-4075/R

Wire Shelf for ISS-4075(R) / SIF-6000(R); 20.3" x 19.9"