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Pro Loader Load Frame

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Gilson’s Pro Loader multi-use load frame features many component options, allowing design of a versatile system to meet your application needs. This frame can often perform all load tests required in a laboratory with only a quick change of component sets. The frame had a 3/4hp DC motor and controller to precisely regulate strain rates to ±1% of set point. The sturdy 14-gauge painted steel cabinet is built for demanding laboratory environments. Cross-head heights are quickly changed using adjusting nuts on coarse-threaded vertical rods which are plated for corrosion resistance. A flexible boot protects the precision loading screw from dust and dirt.

Load frame has 10,000lbf (44.5kN) capacity and is designed for multiple applications in efficient, cost-conscious soil testing laboratories. It can be used for CBR, unconfined compression and triaxial testing on soil or soil-cement samples.

This Pro Loader Load Frame strain rate ranges from 0.001in—0.1in (0.0254—2.54mm) per minute. A high-speed platen advance rapidly positions the platen for efficient testing.

Loading rates are easily selected from the pushbutton control panel with digital display. Travel limit switch with indicating lights protect the unit from damage due to platen travel outside of its 3in (76mm) range. A 6-3/4in (171.5mm) diameter lower platen is included. Cross head height is quickly and accurately changed using the self-centering adjusting nuts. The vertical rods are 1.25in (31.8mm) diameter.

Component sets are required and purchased separately. Standard component sets include an appropriately rated load ring and dial indicator, and digital component sets include a load cell and linear displacement transducer. Digital component sets can be connected to a user-supplied computer for transfer of data in ASCII file format. Load Frame Component sets and individual accessories are listed separately.

Used for the following test methods:

ASTM D 1633
ASTM D 1883
ASTM D 2166
ASTM D 2850
ASTM D 4767
ASTM D 5581
ASTM D 6927

Unit operates on 115V/60Hz power supply.


 Karol-Warner HM-396 Pro Loader Load Frame

Pro Loader Load Frame