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3.31in Diameter Porous Stone, 0.25in Thick

Price $43.98
Porous Stone Material:
Aluminum Oxide
Porous Stone Shape:
Porous Stone Thickness:
0.25in (6.35mm)
Porous Stone Size:
3.310in (84.1mm)
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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This Porous Stone is 3.31in (84.1mm) diameter, 0.25in (6.4mm) thick and constructed of quality aluminum oxide material. The rigid disc supports either end of cylindrical soil samples while allowing two-way flow of fluids.

We offer a complete selection of Porous Stones for a variety of laboratory geotechnical applications, including triaxial shear, permeability, direct shear, consolidation and more. 

Porous stones allow water and other permeants to flow and be measured during test procedures while minimizing the fine particles within the sample from potentially entering the test system. High quality stones have a permeability range of 15-18ft3 (424-510l) of air per square foot and an average pore size of 179um. All Porous stones are available for immediate shipment.

  • Aluminum Oxide Round Porous Stones are the most popular and available in the widest range of diameters, and come in 0.25in (6.3mm) or 0.5in (12.5mm) thicknesses.
  • Sintered Bronze Round Porous Stones are available in variety of popular sizes, and have 0.125in (3.2mm) or 0.25in (6.3mm) thicknesses.
  • Aluminum Oxide Square Porous Stones are 0.25in thick and machined from aluminum oxide. They are available in sizes ranging from 1.953 x 1.953in (50 x 50mm) to 3.985 x 3.985in (101 x 101mm).

Meets Test Method:
ASTM D 2435
ASTM D 4767
ASTM D 2850
ASTM D 5084

Shape Round 
Size 3.31in (84.1mm) 
Thickness 0.25in (6.35mm) 
Material Aluminum Oxide 
Estimated Shipping Weight 1.0lb (0.5kg)
 Karol-Warner 50331014, 3.31in Diameter Porous Stone, 0.25in Thick

3.31in Diameter Porous Stone, 0.25in Thick