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Karol-Warner 4100 Slake Durability Device

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The Slake Durability Apparatus simulates weather-related wetting/drying cycles to evaluate the durability of shale and weak rock. Samples are rotated at 20rpm in 5.5 x 3.9in (140 x 100mm) Dia. x W Wire Mesh Drums within 11.5 x 8.5 x 7.5in (292.1 x 215.9 x 190.5mm) W x D x H Water Tanks, then oven-dried for two cycles. The Slake Durability Index is the percent sample loss after subsequent wetting and drying cycles.

The 4ft (1.2m) wide base can accommodate a total of four Water Tank and Drum Assemblies. Additional Water Tank and Drum Assemblies, Wire Mesh Drums, and Water Tanks can be purchased separately for increased sample testing. 


  • Water Tanks outfitted with quick-release drive units
  • 4ft (1.2m) base can accommodate up to four Water Tank and Drum Assemblies

Included Items:

  • Slake Durability Apparatus
    • Slake drive unit
    • Two Wire Mesh Drums
    • Two Water Tanks

115V / 60Hz, 1 Amp

Product Dimensions 48 x 14 x 9.25in (1,219 x 355 x 235mm) W x D x H 
Estimated Shipping Weight 67.0lb (30.4kg)

Meets Test Method:
ASTM D 4644

 Karol-Warner 4100 Slake Durability Device

Karol-Warner 4100 Slake Durability Device