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Karol Warner 2001-D Digital Direct Shear Machine, Pneumatic (110V / 50-60Hz)

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Pneumatic Direct / Residual Shear Machines utilize a pneumatic loading system, which eliminates the need to apply pressure to a specimen with multiple weights.

The machine uses two pistons to apply loads: a smaller diameter rolling diaphragm piston for lighter loads of 4lb to 100lb, and a larger diameter piston for loads up to 1,500lb. The maximum shear displacement is 0.8in (20.3mm). Strain rate is easily set using the digital thumbwheels and can be controlled from 0.00010.3in/min (0.0025—7.62mm/min). A cabinet constructed from durable steel protects the machine against harsh lab settings and the included Teflon®-coated anodized aluminum water chamber is designed to resist corrosion. Units include a 1,500lbf Load Cell and 15ft (4.6m) of air supply tubing. Direct Shear Boxes, sold separately, are Teflon®-coated anodized aluminum to resist corrosion and available in a wide range of sizes.

2001 / 2001F Standard Pneumatic Direct Shear Machine uses dial indicators that measure vertical and shear displacement.

2001-D / 2001-DF Digital Pneumatic Direct Shear Machine utilizes an S-type load cell to measure shear load. Horizontal and vertical measurements are taken by a Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT). Four-Channel Data Readout displays load and displacement values. Data is transferred to the user’s PC via Mini-USB and is uploaded in ASCII format to a spreadsheet program. This model also performs residual shear functions on soil specimens.


  • Displays various test parameters
  • Analog or digital consolidation/shear displacement models available
  • Pneumatic loading system uses pistons instead of weights
  • Self-contained unit's small footprint requires minimal lab floorspace
  • Rugged all-steel construction

Included Items:

  • Standard Pneumatic Direct Shear Machine
    • 0.5in Dial Indicator, 0.5 x 0.0001in (Range x Divisions)
    • 1in Dial Indicator, 1 x 0.001in (Range x Divisions)
  • Digital Pneumatic Direct Shear Machine
    • Four-Channel Data Readout
    • Two 1in Linear Variable Displacement Transducers
    • GetData Software
  • 1,500lbf Load Cell
  • Tubing - 15ft (4.6m)


  • 2000-75 Shear Box Counterbalance supports the top half of the Direct Shear Box to offset weight during testing
  • 2099 Rolling Cart for Shear Machines positions the unit to an optimal height for testing and allows for mobility
  • 6756 Direct / Residual Shear Data Acquisition Software records specimen information and real-time test data, calculate results and prepares reports following ASTM and AASHTO requirements
  • Data Readouts are available in two and four-channel models and feature analog to digital converters for each channel
  • 6152 1in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer measures sample deformation or movement during soil tests
  • 6820 Digital Dial Indicator - 0.6 x 0.0001in (Range x Resolution) quickly and easily converts inches to millimeters
  • 6830 Digital Dial Indicator - 1 x 0.0001in (Range x Resolution) allows for the conversion of inches to millimeters at the touch of a button
  • 20020 Nylon Alignment Screw is used with a Shear Box and can be ordered as a replacement part
  • Shear Boxes used in testing direct shear of soil specimens
  • Cutters are for trimming soil samples to a precise size
  • Extruders allow for keeping soil specimens intact when removing
Karol-Warner Karol Warner 2001-D Digital Direct Shear Machine, Pneumatic (110V / 50-60Hz)

Karol Warner 2001-D Digital Direct Shear Machine, Pneumatic (110V / 50-60Hz)