Inoculating loop, aluminum

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The United Scientific INL703-AL Inoculating Loop is a high-quality and reliable tool that every microbiologist and laboratory technician needs in their kit. Our inoculating loop features a non-insulated aluminum handle that is 8 inches long, providing you with the optimal balance and flexibility you need to effectively conduct your experiments.

The loop is made of sturdy nickel-chromium wire that is 26 gauge thick, providing you with the strength and durability you need for multiple uses. The wire loop is non-calibrated and is approximately 8mm in diameter, making it easy to use and hold for precise application and accurate inoculation.

Whether you are a professional lab technician or a student conducting experiments, our United Scientific INL703-AL Inoculating Loop will ensure that you are equipped to perform all tasks related to microbiology efficiently and effectively. The aluminum handle is lightweight and easy to hold, while the nickel-chromium wire loop provides maximum durability and strength.

The INL703-AL Inoculating Loop comes in a convenient pack of 60, ensuring that you always have a backup loop available when you need it. It is suitable for use in a variety of laboratory procedures, including inoculating cultures, streaking plates, and transferring microorganisms. It is perfect for use in microbiology, bacteriology, and virology labs.

Rest assured that when you choose United Scientific, you can trust that you are investing in the highest quality laboratory equipment available on the market. Our INL703-AL Inoculating Loop is no exception. Buy your pack of 60 today and stay ahead of your experiments with the latest and most reliable tools in the field.


 United Scientific INL703-AL Inoculating loop, aluminum

Inoculating loop, aluminum