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For top-class reliability and accuracy, you can trust Certified MTP and our high-quality collection of hydrometers for specific gravity and to determine specific gravity range. We take pride in our exceptional range of hydrometers and understand the vital role they play across a various ranges of industries and sectors. 

Hydrometers are used for working out the relative density and particle diameter in liquids, as well as specific gravity, and a high-quality one is vital for achieving the best results. For a superior outcome and an efficient process, you can trust our comprehensive collection designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. 

Whether you need specific freezing point measurements, or you need a potential alcohol content or alcoholic content reading, certain equivalent particle diameters, or soil analysis with extreme temperatures and exacting standards, our selection of superior hydrometers will enable accurate, precise, and reliable results to the smallest division and calibrated to the right temperature. 

Our Collection of Hydrometers 

At Certified MTP, we understand the vital role that hydrometers play in a specific gravity test, and that’s why we bring you only the most elite and superior products to enhance your laboratory setting and increase your productivity. Using our hydrometers, you can carefully measure and observe the displacement of liquid or petroleum products and make informed decisions from there. 

Key Features and Benefits

Our range of hydrometers come equipped with various key features and benefits that make them the best in the market, and we put our complete confidence in products you can trust and rely on. Whether for soil analysis or use in the sugar industry, our selection will help you gather accurate and reliable data from internationally recognized standards. 

Unmatched Precision 

Precision is paramount to enhancing work processes and achieving optimum results in a specific gravity test, and our collection of hydrometers strives to meet your requirements and optimize your outcomes. For soil analysis, our hydrometers have been individually tested so you can measure texture, soil content, and moisture texture, and with precise results, you can make informed decisions based on your findings. 

One of our bestsellers, the Gilson SA-2 ASTM Soils Hydrometer 152H, Range -5 To 60g/L (SG), has been designed by experts and has a seamless, symmetrical stem and bulb that does not vary in diameter. Due to the guaranteed calibration accuracy that eliminates errors due to the variable dilution, this hydrometer will deliver high-class, precise results time according to NIST standards.

Versatility and Efficiency 

A key feature of our range of hydrometers is their versatility and efficiency, meaning you can trust them to deliver data for various applications across various sectors. Our hydrometers can be used for industries such as food production and pharmaceuticals, where the purity of liquids needs to be assessed, and they will deliver efficient results repeatedly. 

Our Thermco GW074HLS ASTM/API Combined W/Spirit-Filled 30/220F Thermometer In Stem Hydrometer, ASTM 73H, 29/41 X 0.1, 380MM Length, is another example of one of our efficient products. It’s made from the finest materials available; the glass is free of imperfections and has thermal properties that would be subjected to and resist any reactions from chemical agents.

At Certified MTP, our selection of high-class hydrometers will enhance your workflow, streamline your process, and repeatedly provide accurate and precise results. Discover top-class and individual calibration report with calibrated hydrometers and explore our range today or contact us for more information. 


  1. What are hydrometers used for?

Hydrometers are instruments used across various industries for measuring a liquid’s density, specific gravity, and other properties of liquids. Hydrometers are used for finding reliable data scales that helps professionals maintain quality control by a quality team and make informed decisions. 

  1. What are the benefits of using a hydrometer?

Using an individually tested and hand inspected hydrometer has many benefits, such as its accurate scales and temperature measurements, the versatility across various industries, its ease of use, and the impact on quality control. Hydrometers are laboratory essentials as they can help researchers and professionals make informed decisions and enhance their workflow.