Hooked weight set of 10, stainless steel

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The United Scientific WSST10 Hooked weight set is a top-quality product that every professional or amateur scientist must own. These weights are designed to provide the perfect balance for your weighing needs. Each individual weight is precision-calibrated to give you accurate results every time, all the while being made of high-quality stainless steel that adds durability and longevity to these weights.

This hooked weight set is a must-have in any laboratory. The set of 9 included in this package consists of the most commonly used weights ranging from 5g to 500g. In addition to that, the set also includes two each of 20g and 200g weights, making the set versatile and able to serve all your weighing needs. You'll instantly notice the top-notch quality of each weight that add to their functionality and durability.

For those who need heavier weights, the set of 10 can take care of those requirements too, as it includes one additional weight of 1000g. This larger set is perfect for individuals who are consistently tackling larger, high-capacity weighing projects.

The hooked design of each weight makes them easy to use with almost any type of balance. The sturdy plastic storage block provided ensures security and safety as well as protection from environmental elements when the weights aren't in use.

The United Scientific WSST10 Hooked Weight Set has been manufactured to the highest standards, making it ideal for use in laboratories, research centres, or any weighing applications that demand accuracy and consistency. This innovative set provides an efficient solution to all your weighing requirements without compromising on quality or performance. Invest in this hooked weight set today to experience the difference in accuracy and durability.


 United Scientific WSST10 Hooked weight set of 10, stainless steel

Hooked weight set of 10, stainless steel