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Hill Slant Style Pig Rings, 100/box

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The Seymour 69022 Hill Slant Style Pig Rings are the perfect solution for farmers and livestock enthusiasts looking to secure pigs safely and efficiently. Designed for easy handling and reliable performance, these pig rings are a must-have in any agricultural setting.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the Hill Slant Style Pig Rings guarantee durability and longevity. Crafted to withstand the rugged conditions often associated with pig farming, these rings are built to last. With a sturdy construction that ensures optimal strength, farmers can trust these rings to hold their pigs securely without worrying about breakage or failure.

The slant style design of these pig rings allows for effortless application. Simply position the ring in the specialized applicator, place it around the pig's snout or ears, and squeeze the handles together. The tight closing mechanism ensures that the ring fastens securely, preventing the pig from removing it. This effortless process allows farmers to complete the task efficiently and safely, reducing stress for both the farmer and the animal.

With each box containing 100 pig rings, the Seymour 69022 offers outstanding value for money. This 10-box package ensures that farmers have an ample supply of rings ready for use whenever needed. Whether you have a small hobby farm or run a large-scale pig operation, this quantity is designed to meet your requirements, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

The Seymour 69022 Hill Slant Style Pig Rings are versatile and can be used for various purposes beyond securing pigs. Whether it is tagging livestock or fastening fencing, these rings prove to be a valuable tool in any agricultural setting. Their versatility makes them essential for farmers and ensures they get the maximum return on their investment.

With a reputation for quality and reliability, Seymour is a brand trusted by farmers worldwide. The Seymour 69022 Hill Slant Style Pig Rings are no exception. Backed by years of industry expertise, this product embodies excellence and provides farmers with peace of mind.

Invest in the Seymour 69022 Hill Slant Style Pig Rings and experience the unmatched durability, effortless application, and versatility they offer. Efficiently secure your pigs and tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks with confidence. Order your box today and discover the difference Seymour can make on your farm.
 Seymour 69022, Hill Slant Style Pig Rings, 100/box (min qty 10 boxes)

Hill Slant Style Pig Rings, 100/box