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Hexagonal mass, 4 oz.

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The United Scientific WHX4OZ Hexagonal Mass, 4 oz. (30/ea) is the perfect tool for anyone in need of a precise and durable weight. Made of steel, these hexagonal masses feature a black oxidized finish that ensures their longevity and reliability.

The unique hexagonal shape of these weights is designed to prevent the masses from rolling, making them ideal for use on flat surfaces. This design also ensures consistent placement and measurement accuracy, ensuring reliable results every time.

At 4 oz., these weights are perfect for a variety of applications, including laboratory experiments, industrial settings, and educational instruction. They are available in both customary and metric sizes, allowing for measurement versatility and adaptability.

Suitable for ages 11 and up, the United Scientific WHX4OZ Hexagonal Mass is a reliable and safe tool for anyone in need of precise weight measurement. Whether you are a student studying chemistry, a researcher conducting experiments, or an industrial worker measuring parts, these weights are an essential tool for achieving accurate results.

Custom Hexagonal Weight Sets are also available upon request for those in need of a specific configuration to meet their unique requirements.

In summary, the United Scientific WHX4OZ Hexagonal Mass, 4 oz. (30/ea) is a reliable, accurate, and versatile tool suitable for a wide range of applications. Its unique hexagonal shape, durable construction, and precise measurement capabilities make it a must-have for anyone in need of reliable weight measurement.
 United Scientific WHX4OZ Hexagonal mass,  4 oz.

Hexagonal mass, 4 oz.