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Heavy-Duty Rock Hopper, 1.4 Cu. Yds.

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Gar-Bro 438, Heavy-Duty Rock Hopper, 1.4 Cu. Yds.

A heavy-duty hopper that facilitates the placing of bedding material on utility jobs.

GarBro Rock Hoppers have been developed for quick and efficient placement of crushed stone in trenches and other areas requiring rock fill. Constructed of steel plate, with manual or air operated gates, these Rock Hoppers feature 8′ or larger top opening for loading with front end loaders with 8′ buckets.
tem No. 438

Rated Capacity Cu. Yds. 1.4

Top Inside Opening Inches 39 x 96

Loading Height Inches 58

Gate Size Inches 15 x 22

Weight Pounds 975

GAR-BRO Product Catalog

The Gar-Bro 438 Heavy-Duty Rock Hopper is a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of placing rock and crushed stone in utility job sites. With a generous 1.4 cubic yard capacity, this rock hopper is perfect for handling large volumes of material efficiently and effectively.

Constructed from durable steel plate, the Gar-Bro 438 Rock Hopper is built to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. Equipped with manual or air-operated gates, this rock hopper allows for precise control over the flow of material, ensuring accurate placement every time.

Featuring an 8-foot or larger top opening, the Gar-Bro 438 Rock Hopper is designed for easy loading with front-end loaders equipped with 8-foot buckets. This design allows for quick and convenient loading, saving you time and effort on the job site.

With a loading height of 58 inches and a gate size of 15 x 22 inches, the Gar-Bro 438 Rock Hopper offers ample space for efficient material placement. Weighing in at 975 pounds, this rock hopper strikes the perfect balance between durability and portability, making it a versatile and reliable tool for any utility job site.

Trust Gar-Bro for all your heavy-duty rock hopper needs. Check out our full product catalog for more information on our wide range of quality products.

 Gar-Bro 438, Heavy-Duty Rock Hopper, 1.4 Cu. Yds.

Heavy-Duty Rock Hopper, 1.4 Cu. Yds.