Hard Hat, 6-Point Ratchet Suspension, Orange

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The Mutual Industries 50215-45 Hard Hat is crafted to provide complete protection to your head while working on construction sites. The bright orange color allows you to be easily recognized in busy and hazardous sites, ensuring your safety at all times. The hard hat is made of high-density polyethylene, which makes it lightweight yet incredibly durable, allowing you to work with ease while ensuring safety.

The 6-point ratchet suspension system allows for a secure and comfortable fit, providing stability and support during any activity. The suspension system disperses the impact of any potential hazard, ensuring that your head is protected at all times. This hard hat is designed with a comfortable and breathable design, allowing you to wear it all day long without discomfort.

This particular model is sold in sets of 10, making it an ideal purchase for companies and organizations that require their employees to be equipped with high-quality safety equipment. The hard hat is OSHA certified and fully compliant with industry safety standards.

The Mutual Industries 50215-45 Hard Hat offers a convenient and practical solution to ensure the safety of individuals in hazardous working environments. Its bright orange color, 6-point ratchet suspension system, and high-density polyethylene construction make it one of the best choices for hard hats on the market. The comfortable design ensures that the wearer remains safe without the need to compromise on comfort, while the 10-piece set makes it an excellent purchase for large businesses and organizations. Invest in your safety today with the Mutual Industries 50215-45 Hard Hat.


 Mutual Industries 50215-45 Hard Hat, 6-Point Ratchet Suspension, Orange

Hard Hat, 6-Point Ratchet Suspension, Orange