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Hanna HI96715-11 Ammonia Medium Range CAL Check Standards

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Hanna Instruments presents the HI96715-11 Ammonia Medium Range CAL Check Standards, a premium calibration solution for the HI96715 ammonia medium range photometer. This set of standards is made with excellence in our cutting-edge facility, delivering unmatched quality and accuracy.

The HI96715-11 CAL Check Standards offers a simple solution for calibrating and validating the HI96715 photometer, ensuring optimal performance. This high-quality set of standards comes equipped with a certificate of analysis that includes lot number, reference values, and expiration date, providing complete traceability.

Each set of standards is monitored and calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy and precision, and can be reused for long periods of time thanks to its exceptional shelf-life stability. The standard value of 6.0 0.050 mg/L ammonia (as NH3-N) @ 25C is ideal for calibrating the HI96715 photometer, making it a reliable solution for medium range ammonia measurements.

Investing in the HANNA INSTRUMENTS HI96715-11 AMMONIA MEDIUM RANGE CAL CHECK STANDARDS means investing in the reliability and accuracy of your measurements. Choose a top-quality calibration solution that guarantees traceability and repeatability, and make your HI96715 photometer perform to its full potential.
 Hanna Instruments HI96715-11 Ammonia Medium Range CAL Check Standards

Hanna HI96715-11 Ammonia Medium Range CAL Check Standards