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Hanna HI73311 Spare Electrode for Conductivity and TDS testers

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The HI73311 Spare Electrode is the perfect accessory for those who require accuracy and reliability from their conductivity and TDS testers. Hanna Instruments, a leader in the industry, has constructed this amperometric graphite electrode to fit perfectly into their state-of-the-art Conductivity and TDS testers.

The versatility of this electrode is second to none, making it essential for users in diverse industrial and laboratory settings. Whether it's used in water treatment facilities, academic research, or production environments, the HI73311 Spare Electrode delivers accurate results every time. The sophisticated technology behind this electrode ensures precise measurements when determining the electrical conductivity of a solution.

The accuracy of your conductivity and TDS tests depends on the electrode's quality, which is why the HI73311 Spare Electrode is constructed with only the highest-quality materials, including amperometric graphite conductors. This means that your electrode delivers optimal results time after time, allowing you to rely on your state-of-the-art Conductivity and TDS testers for essential measurements.

The HI73311 Spare Electrode is designed to be long-lasting, durable, and require minimal upkeep, ideal for laboratories and industrial settings alike. The tough outer shell and robust construction mean that the HI73311 can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that it can be relied on for years to come.

Overall, if you are looking for unmatched accuracy and reliability for your Conductivity and TDS testers, look no further than the HI73311 Spare Electrode from Hanna Instruments. Its high-quality components, durable design, and perfect fit within their range of state-of-the-art testers make it an excellent choice for busy professionals across various industries.
 Hanna Instruments HI73311 Spare Electrode for Conductivity and TDS testers

Hanna HI73311 Spare Electrode for Conductivity and TDS testers