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Hanna HI7074M Cleaning Solution for Inorganic Substances (230 mL)

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Hanna Instruments' HI7074M is an advanced cleaning solution that is designed to remove inorganic substances from pH electrodes. This cleaning solution is highly effective when it comes to cleaning electrodes that have been coated with inorganic substances over time. Such substances can lead to inaccurate readings, and that is why Hanna has formulated an excellent cleaning solution to help renew pH electrodes.

The HI7074M cleaning solution is not just another cleaning solution; it is a specially formulated product. This cleaning solution is designed to eliminate impurities and residues left on the electrode surface even after it has been immersed in samples during measurement or stored incorrectly. The cleaning solution is the recommended choice for cleaning the bulb and junction of electrodes to ensure that your probe is always clean and prevent any clogging of the junction.

The HI7074M cleaning solution comes in an air-tight seal container, which ensures the product's quality and efficiency. The air-tight seal is essential because it enhances the product's shelf life and ensures that it retains its effectiveness over long periods. Also, the expiration date and lot number of the cleaning solution are clearly marked on the bottle, which ensures that the product you receive is new and not expired.

The HI7074M cleaning solution is a must-have for anyone who uses pH electrodes. It helps maintain the electrodes' accuracy and prolongs their lifespan by preventing damage from inorganic substances. The product guarantees that your electrodes will always produce accurate readings, even after prolonged usage.

In summary, the Hanna Instruments HI7074M Cleaning Solution for Inorganic Substances (230 mL) is an effective cleaning solution for pH electrodes. The product comes in an air-tight sealed container, which ensures quality and efficiency. Additionally, the product has clearly marked expiration dates and lot numbers, ensuring you get a product that is new and has not expired. Order your HI7074M cleaning solution today, and keep your pH electrodes clean and effective.
 Hanna Instruments HI7074M Cleaning Solution for Inorganic Substances (230 mL)

Hanna HI7074M Cleaning Solution for Inorganic Substances (230 mL)