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Hanna HI70446 Fehling Solution A, 500 mL

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The precision and accuracy of your lab testing are of paramount importance, and Hanna Instruments HI70446 Fehling Solution A, 500 mL is one product that can help you achieve it. This solution is specially formulated with copper sulfate Fehling's reagent, an internationally recognized standard for redox titrations.

The HI70446 solution is designed to provide consistent accuracy for all measurements, making it a reliable and dependable solution for your lab testing needs. With a tamper-proof seal and an airtight container, you can be assured of the quality and longevity of each vial of HI70446.

The product packaging is labeled with a lot number and expiration date, ensuring that you use the product within its optimal time period. This helps avoid any inconvenience that may arise due to the product's deterioration.

The 500 mL packaging of the HI70446 solution is compatible with various instruments, making it ideal for use in several laboratory settings. Although this product is classified as a dangerous substance, it can still be shipped by ground delivery, and the wait is definitely worth it.

In summary, the Hanna Instruments HI70446 Fehling Solution A, 500 mL is a valuable investment for laboratories that require precise and accurate solutions for redox titrations. It has a tamper-proof seal, clearly labeled, and air-tight packaging. Invest in this product now and give your lab testing the reliability, consistency, and longevity it deserves.
 Hanna Instruments HI70446 Fehling Solution A, 500 mL

Hanna HI70446 Fehling Solution A, 500 mL