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Hanna HI4114 Potassium Combination Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

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The Hanna Instruments HI4114 Potassium Combination Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) is the perfect tool for the determination of potassium (K+) in solution. Designed using a high-quality PVC membrane, the organic ion exchanger produces a potential change that gives accurate results due to the exchange between the organic polymer membrane and the sample. This advanced technology ensures the reliable detection of potassium ions in a variety of applications, including wine, agriculture, and water analysis.

Boasting a durable polyetherimide (PEI) body housing the internal sensing elements, this electrode is highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for long-term use. The skirted cone geometry of the liquid membrane sensor further enhances its durability and effectiveness in the field of use. With a concentration range of 0.039 to 39,100 mg/L K+, this electrode is capable of detecting the smallest traces of potassium ions, ensuring you get accurate results every time.

This advanced instrument features a polymer membrane combination ISE type that delivers reliable results regardless of the pH level. With an optimum pH range of 1.5 to 12.0, this electrode can provide accurate readings even under extreme pH conditions, making it perfect for use in a variety of industries. The 1m coaxial cable gives you the flexibility to use the electrode without any hassle.

One distinct feature of the HI4114 electrode is the connection port, which is a BNC. This common connector makes it easy to connect the electrode to your favorite meter, enabling you to get accurate results in real-time. Additionally, with a diameter of 12mm and a length of 120mm, this instrument is easy to handle and easy to use when working with small samples.

In conclusion, the Hanna Instruments HI4114 Potassium Combination Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) delivers enhanced performance and reliability in determining potassium ions in solutions, including wine, waters, soils, and biological samples. With a warranty of 6 months, this electrode is a wise investment that will deliver reliable results for an extended period. Order now and take the first step towards precision results in your analyses.
 Hanna Instruments HI4114 Potassium Combination Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)

Hanna HI4114 Potassium Combination Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)