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Hanna HI3887 Swimming Pool Chemical Test Kit

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Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use swimming pool chemical test kit? Look no further than the Hanna Instruments HI3887. This kit is the perfect solution for busy pool owners and operators who need to quickly check their pool's free chlorine and pH levels.

The HI3887 is incredibly user-friendly, with pre-made reagents that make testing a snap. The kit comes with all the necessary equipment and reagents to perform approximately 50 tests for free chlorine and 100 tests for pH. And with expiration dates and lot numbers marked on every reagent, you can be sure that your results are accurate and reliable.

What's more, the HI3887 features a color comparison cube that makes it easy to determine your results. The cube is incredibly simple to use, even for those who have never tested their pool's chemistry before.

And when it comes time to take your kit on the go, you'll appreciate that it's classified as a non-hazardous item and can be shipped via ground transportation. This makes it the perfect choice for pool professionals who need to bring their testing kit with them from job to job.

In conclusion, if you're in need of a quick and reliable swimming pool test kit, the Hanna Instruments HI3887 is an excellent choice. With pre-made reagents, easy-to-use equipment, and a color comparison cube, you'll be able to check your pool's free chlorine and pH levels with ease. Order your kit today and take the hassle out of pool maintenance!
 Hanna Instruments HI3887 Swimming Pool Chemical Test Kit

Hanna HI3887 Swimming Pool Chemical Test Kit