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Hanna HI12923 pH Electrode for Direct Soil Measurement 1

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The Hanna Instruments HI12923 pH Electrode is specifically designed for direct measurements of soil pH. Its glass body and triple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell allow for accurate and reliable pH readings. The conic pH sensing tip, made with low temperature glass, ensures quick and precise measurements of pH in soils and soil slurries.

This electrode also includes an integrated amplifier and built-in temperature sensor, allowing for automatic temperature compensation of pH readings. With a recommended operating temperature range of -5 to 70ÀöC (23 to 158ÀöF), the HI12923 is suitable for use in a variety of environmental conditions.

The Quick DIN connector makes it easy to connect the electrode to a compatible pH meter, such as Hanna's HI99121 portable pH meter. With a cable length of 1 meter (3.3 feet), the electrode can be used for direct soil pH measurements and soil solutions.

The HI12923 pH electrode is classified as a Dangerous Good and can only be shipped via ground. This electrode is the ideal choice for researchers, agronomists, and farmers who require precise and reliable pH measurements in soil and soil slurries. Overall, the HI12923 pH Electrode is an essential tool for anyone working in soil science, agriculture, and environmental monitoring.
 Hanna Instruments HI12923 pH Electrode for Direct Soil Measurement 1

Hanna HI12923 pH Electrode for Direct Soil Measurement 1