Hand protector, silicone rubber

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The United Scientific HNDPTC Hand Protector is the perfect solution for those who work with hot objects in the laboratory. Made of silicone rubber, this hand protector provides exceptional heat resistance, ensuring that users are safe from accidental burns.

The hand protector is designed with special grips that prevent containers from slipping when held. This feature not only adds to the product's reliability, but it also promotes ease of use in the laboratory. The slip-resistant feature will allow you to grip hot objects such as beakers, flasks and bottles with confidence and accuracy.

With the United Scientific HNDPTC Hand Protector, safety is a top priority. This product is made from high-quality materials and is built to last, providing long-lasting protection to busy laboratory workers. It is an ideal item for those who work with high temperatures and is perfect for use in university, industrial, and research laboratories.

This product package comes with five hand protectors, allowing for convenient use and replacement. It is estimated that each unit can handle up to a temperature range of 500°F to -60°F, making it an incredible asset to your laboratory.

The United Scientific HNDPTC Hand Protector is a must-have tool for anyone working in the laboratory industry. Its exceptional design and heat resistance characteristics make it a very reliable product. Always keep in mind the warning messages provided by the company, which outline the hazards that may come with the use of this product.

Purchase the United Scientific HNDPTC Hand Protector for your laboratory today and experience the assurance and efficiency it brings!


 United Scientific HNDPTC Hand protector, silicone rubber

Hand protector, silicone rubber