Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer

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The HMA LAB VT-2200 Hand-Held Viscometer, also known as the Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer, is a versatile and reliable tool designed to check the viscosity of various liquids, including liquid asphalt cement with rubber additives, as specified by the FLDOT.

Using the rotating cylinder principle, this handheld unit provides a simple yet effective method of measuring viscosity. The Viscotester is equipped with a rotor that turns at a constant speed and is inserted into the liquid to be measured. By measuring the resistance to the rotor's movement caused by the viscosity, the Viscotester provides direct readings in millipascal-seconds (mPa.s) or decipascal-seconds (dPa.s).

To cater to different viscosity levels, the Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer comes with three rotors, allowing for accurate measurements across a wide range of liquids. The measurement accuracy is impressive, with a tolerance of only +/- 10% of the indicated value. The reproducibility of the measurements is equally outstanding with a +/- 5% range, thanks to calibration with silicon oil.

For customers looking to expand their testing capabilities, we offer a full line of viscometers, asphalt binder testing equipment, Brookfield rotational viscometers, and asphalt testing tools. With these additional products, you can ensure comprehensive testing and analysis for your specific needs.

The HMA LAB VT-2200 Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer is a reliable and accurate tool essential for professionals in various industries, including asphalt production, quality control, research and development, and more. It combines ease of use, portability, and precision, making it an indispensable addition to any laboratory or fieldwork setting.

Trust the Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer to provide accurate and consistent viscosity measurements. It is a tool renowned for its reliability, simplicity, and exceptional performance. Whether you're in a laboratory or out in the field, this viscometer is a must-have for any professional seeking accurate viscosity measurements.


HMA Lab Supply HMA Lab VT-2200, Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer

Hand-Held Viscotester Viscometer