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Gralab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer

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Gralab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer

The 60 Minute Timer, 120V/60Hz, is an electromechanical timer that plugs into a wall outlet, and the device plugs into timer. Option for continuous-run without removing timer from circuit. Rugged steel case with white finish. 8in (203mm) Dial has black markings and hands. Smaller red numerals allow alternate use as a stop-clock. Controls up to 1/3hp motor or 1,200 Watt resistive load.

Gralab Timer is a 60-minute general-purpose timer with two three-wire grounded outlets to switch external devices on or off automatically. It provides precise timing with second and minute-hand settings and has an end-of-cycle alarm.

The 6.5in (165mm) face has a large, easy-to-read dial with minute and second graduations. Controls up to 1/3hp motor or 1,200 Watt resistive load. It is housed in a 7.5x2.5x7.5in (190.5x63.5x190.5mm) WxDxH plastic case.

Covers protect timer switches against corrosion and contamination. This unit has rubber base pads, wall-mounting keyholes, and a recessed hand grip.


  • It can be used as an interval or elapsed time indicator
  • Split-second accuracy
  • Power switch to start the timing cycle
  • Buzzer signals at the end of the timing

Specifcations for Gralab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer

Type    Mechanical

Timing Capacity          0 – 60 minutes / 0 – 60 seconds

Resolution       1 minute / 1 second

Display 6.5in (165.1mm)

Accuracy         ± 0.015% @ maximum setting

Minimum Setting:       1 second

Automatic Buzzer:      Constant tone

Electrical         120V, 60Hz, 7 amps

Voltages:         Input voltage 100-130 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz; 210-250 VAC, 50 Hz

AC Outlet Power Rating:         @120 VAC

Max Lamp Load:         600W

Max Resistive Load:    1200W

Max Motor Load:        1/3 HP

Product Dimensions   7.5 x 2.5 x 7.5in (190.5 x 63.5 x 190.5mm), WxDxH

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 Gralab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer

Gralab Model 171 60-Minute General Purpose Timer