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Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individ. Cert., w/stopper, 2000ml

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The United Scientific CY2980-2000 Graduated Cylinders is a versatile and reliable lab accessory that offers precise measurement and maximum accuracy. This high-quality cylinder is made from borosilicate glass, which is known for its superior durability and resistance to temperature changes. The cylinder is calibrated to contain and has a double metric scale, ensuring measurements are accurate to the nearest 20.0 ml.

This class A cylinder is designed to meet the strict ASTM E1272 standards and USP standards for quality and precision, making it an ideal choice for laboratory applications. It is individually serialized and certified, ensuring complete traceability, and ensures you receive accurate and repeatable results every time.

The cylinder features heavy uniform wall tubing and a strong, stable hexagonal base, making it sturdy and stable during use. It comes with bumper guards, which prevent breakage in case of accidental drops. Moreover, the cylinder comes with a hollow glass stopper that ensures that the contents of the cylinder remain secure during transport.

This high-quality glassware is suitable for use in research, pharmaceutical, scientific, and industrial applications. This cylinder enables you to measure precise volumes of liquids for accurate reactions, experiments, and formulations. With a capacity of 2000 ml, it gives you enough space to prepare large amounts of solutions with ease.

The CY2980-2000 Graduated Cylinder is sold in packs of one and has a tolerance of ±6.0 ml. It has been designed to deliver superior performance, long-term durability, and accuracy. It is a must-have for any laboratory in need of reliable and precise measurement tools. Whether you are in a research lab, a scientific institution, or a pharmaceutical company, this United Scientific Graduated Cylinder will be an indispensable asset for all your measuring needs.

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 United Scientific CY2980-2000 Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individ. Cert., w/stopper, 2000ml

Graduated cylinders, double scale, class a, individ. Cert., w/stopper, 2000ml