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Glass plates, 5" x 5" pk/12

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The United Scientific GLP5X5-PK/12 Glass plates are the perfect addition to any laboratory setting. Measuring at 5" x 5", these plates come in a pack of 12 and provide an ample supply for a variety of applications.

Crafted from clear flint glass, these plates offer a thickness of 2mm along with ground polished edges, ensuring a sleek and uniform appearance. Their flat, smooth surface makes them ideal for use as a cover or mixing surface and lends itself to a wide range of laboratory tasks.

Their durability and transparency make them an excellent tool for observing reactions, mixing compounds, or general experimentation. These plates can be used in conjunction with a variety of laboratory equipment and provide an easy-to-clean and reusable surface for research and experimentation.

The United Scientific GLP5X5-PK/12 Glass plates are a reliable and essential component in any lab setting. These plates are long-lasting, versatile, and a good investment for any scientist or laboratory. Get your pack of 12 now and add a quality tool to your laboratory setup.
 United Scientific GLP5X5-PK/12 Glass plates, 5" x 5" (pk of 12)

Glass plates, 5" x 5" pk/12