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Gilson V6SFXCR, 6" Sieve Cover, Stainless, with Ring

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All Stainless Steel
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The 6in (152mm) diameter Stainless Steel Sieve Cover for use with ASTM E11 6in Test Sieves or Pans prevents sample loss or contamination during the sieving process. Built-in ring loop allows easy removal.


  • Fits all 6in Test Sieves or Pans
  • Prevents particle loss or contamination during sieving

Meets Test Methods:

The Gilson V6SFXCR is a high-quality 6" sieve cover that is designed to provide a reliable and efficient sieving process. Made from durable stainless steel, this sieve cover is specifically designed to fit all 6" test sieves or pans, making it a versatile accessory for any laboratory.

When it comes to accurate and precise particle analysis, sample loss or contamination can significantly impact the results. That is why the Gilson V6SFXCR sieve cover is an essential tool. It effectively prevents any particle loss or contamination during the sieving process, ensuring the integrity of your samples.

With its built-in ring loop, this sieve cover is incredibly easy to use. The ring loop allows for effortless removal, providing convenience and efficiency to the laboratory workflow. No more struggling with other covers that are difficult to remove or handle. The Gilson V6SFXCR sieve cover offers a seamless and user-friendly experience.

This sieve cover is designed to meet various test methods, including AASHTO M 92 and ASTM E 11. These are recognized and widely used standards that ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of sieving processes. Rest assured that with the Gilson V6SFXCR sieve cover, you are in compliance with industry standards.

Whether you are conducting research, quality control, or any other laboratory testing procedures, the Gilson V6SFXCR sieve cover is an indispensable tool. Its durable stainless steel construction, universal design, and efficient features make it a reliable choice for any laboratory need.

Invest in the Gilson V6SFXCR 6" sieve cover and experience enhanced sieving processes like never before. Say goodbye to sample loss or contamination and hello to accurate and reliable results every time. Trust Gilson, a leading provider of laboratory equipment, to deliver the quality and performance you deserve.


Global Gilson V6SFXCR, 6" Sieve Cover, Stainless, with Ring

Gilson V6SFXCR, 6" Sieve Cover, Stainless, with Ring

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