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Gilson V3EF-030, 3in Precision Electroform Sieve, Full Height, 30 micrometer

Price $437.98
Sieve Frame Diameter:
Stainless Steel Frame/Nickel Cloth
Frame Height:
Full Height
ASTM E161 Opening:
30 micrometer
Mesh Size Range:
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

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3in Diameter ASTM Precision Electroformed Sieves

Electroformed sieve frames are stainless steel 8in (203.2mm) or 3in (76.2mm) diameter, full or half-height sieves. The Precision Electroformed cloth used in them is formed by electrodeposition of nickel compound to a base grid to form a mesh with very precise square openings.

All Precision Electroformed sieves meet the requirements of ASTM E161, with tolerances of ±2μm. Each sieve is measured and supplied with a Certificate of Compliance. While the initial price of Electroformed Sieves is substantially higher than woven wire sieves, their accuracy, efficiency and size range often make them a better solution for precision particle sizing operations.

Stacking heights for 8in diameter frames are 2in (50.8mm) and 1in (25.4mm). For 3in frames, stacking heights are 3in (76.2mm) and 1in (25.4mm). The Lines Per Inch (LPI) value in the Specifications Tab indicates the number of openings occurring in one linear inch (25.4mm). Higher LPIs are more fragile while low LPIs have thicker metal, but fewer openings.

3in (76mm) diameter ASTM Precision Electroformed Test Sieve has nickel woven-wire cloth with 30µm opening size and full height stainless steel frame.

Works well for very fine powders when used with Vibratory Sieve Shakers or Sonic Sifters.


  • Greater accuracy of ±2µm for precision particle sizing operations compared to woven wire sieves
  • Ideal choice for very fine powders when used with vibratory or sonic shakers
  • Reliable reference standard when calibrated with glass beads or other reference materials

Included Items:

  • 3in Precision Electroform Sieve, Full Height, 30um
  • Certificate of Compliance


  • V3SFXPN 3in All Stainless Sieve Pan, Full Height to collect fines passing through bottom sieve
  • V3SFXPE 3in All Stainless Extended Rim Pan, Full Height fits between sieves to collect fines from top sieves
  • V3SFXCV 3in All Stainless Sieve Cover to prevent sample loss or contamination
  • V3SFXCR 3in All Stainless Sieve Cover with Ring used with 3in pans to prevent sample loss or contamination

Meets Standard(s):

  • ISO 565
  • ASTM E161
  • ISO 3310-3

Sieve Specifications

  • Sieve Frame Diameter: 3in (76mm)
  • Frame Height: Full Height
  • Material: Stainless Steel Frame / Nickel Cloth
  • ASTM E161 Opening Size: 30µm
  • Lines Per Inch (LPI): 150
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 1.0lb (0.45kg)

The Gilson V3EF-030 is a 3in Precision Electroform Sieve that is perfect for precision particle sizing operations. This sieve is made with a stainless steel frame and features a nickel woven-wire cloth with a 30µm opening size. It has a full height frame that ensures accurate and efficient particle sizing.

One of the key features of the Gilson V3EF-030 is its greater accuracy compared to woven wire sieves. It has a tolerance of ±2µm, making it an ideal choice for precision particle sizing operations. This sieve is designed to provide precise and reliable results, ensuring that your particle analysis is accurate.

The Gilson V3EF-030 is particularly well-suited for very fine powders. When used with vibratory sieve shakers or sonic sifters, it can efficiently and effectively separate fine particles. Its precision openings and high-quality construction make it the perfect solution for the most demanding particle sizing applications.

Included with the Gilson V3EF-030 is a Certificate of Compliance, which guarantees the sieve's accuracy and performance. This sieve meets the requirements of ASTM E161, ISO 565, and ISO 3310-3 standards, making it a reliable reference standard for calibration.

To enhance the functionality of the Gilson V3EF-030, various accessories are available. The V3SFXPN is a stainless steel sieve pan that collects fines passing through the bottom sieve. The V3SFXPE is an extended rim pan that fits between sieves to collect fines from the top sieves. The V3SFXCV is a sieve cover that prevents sample loss or contamination, while the V3SFXCR is a sieve cover with a ring used with 3in pans to further prevent sample loss or contamination.

The Gilson V3EF-030 is a versatile and high-quality sieve that provides accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in precision particle sizing operations. Its electroformed construction and precise square openings make it the ideal choice for demanding applications. With its included Certificate of Compliance and compatibility with various accessories, this sieve is a complete solution for all your particle sizing needs.


Global Gilson V3EF-030, 3in Precision Electroform Sieve, Full Height, 30 micrometer

Gilson V3EF-030, 3in Precision Electroform Sieve, Full Height, 30 micrometer

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