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Gilson LP-72 Standard Rotational Viscometer

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Gilson LP-72 Standard Rotational Viscometer

Standard Rotational Viscometer is a medium-range rotational viscometer with ±1% accuracy and ±0.2% repeatability. Viscosity measurement range is from 15 to 60,000,000 mPa/s with a torque range of 0.05 to 13mNm. Rotation speed is selectable from 0.3 to 250rpm.

The device accepts a variety of test spindle and sample chamber combinations and features a 7in touchscreen for control input and data display. Viscosity in Pa/s, mPa/s, or cP, speed in rpm, torque, shear stress, time, temperatures from an RTD sensor, and shear rate are displayed in real-time in multiple supported languages. Programs for individual spindles can be stored and selected for convenient use. Password protection identifies different operators and allows the admin user to control access to settings.

Sample temperature data is input from built-in or optional external PT100 probes. Data connections include mini-USB and RS232 ports for PC control, a USB connection for printers or USB flash drives, and an ethernet (LAN) connection for diagnostics.

Basic data logging software is included, allowing data to be transferred in spreadsheet format to a PC or sent directly to a local printer via the USB drive. Advanced Software is purchased separately for enhanced computer control, data analysis, and reporting. An instrument stand, built-in PT100 (RTD) temperature sensor, power cable, and connection cables are also included.

Spindles, sample chambers, advanced software, temperature control devices, and sample handling accessories are purchased separately.


  • Accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements of asphalt binder viscosity
  • Versatile accessories are purchased separately to create a customized testing system
  • Recommended system meets ASTM/AASHTO test methods
  • Secure, password-protected settings, tests, and data storage

Included Items:

  • Standard Rotational Viscometer
  • Buil-in PT100 temperature probe
  • Basic data-logging software
  • Power and data cables


  • Viscosity Range           2 to 140,000,000 mPa.s

  • Torque 0.05 to 13mNm
  • Revolutions per Minute          0.3 to 250rpm
  • Accuracy         ±1%
  • Repeatability   ±0.2%
  • Display 7in touchscreen
  • Power Supply  Power Cable
  • Electrical         110-240V/50-60Hz
  • Communication Port(s)          USB, mini USB, RS232, and ethernet (LAN) connection port
  • Product Dimensions   9.8 x 15.7 x 19.7in (250 x 400 x 500mm) WxDxH
  • Estimated Shipping Weight    15.0lb (6.80kg)

Meets Standard(s):

  • AASHTO T 316
  • ASTM D4402/4402M

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Global Gilson LP-72 Standard Rotational Viscometer

Gilson LP-72 Standard Rotational Viscometer