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Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set

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The Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set is an essential tool for geotechnical engineers and soil scientists. This weight set is designed to accurately measure and analyze the shear strength of soil samples in a direct residual shear test. With its precision engineering and high-quality materials, this weight set ensures reliable and accurate test results.

The weight set is composed of various components that work together to create the perfect testing environment. It includes a custom-made stainless steel shearing box, a set of weights ranging from 1.25 to 32 tons per square foot (TSF), and a robust loading platform. These components are carefully calibrated to provide precise measurements and consistent test performance.

The stainless steel shearing box is specially designed to accommodate soil samples and facilitate the shearing process. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting use and protection against corrosion. The clear and transparent sides of the box allow users to observe the soil sample during testing, providing valuable insights into its behavior.

The weight set also includes a wide range of weights, allowing users to apply varying levels of pressure to the soil sample. This versatility ensures that the weight set can handle different types of soil and accurately simulate real-world conditions. The weights are meticulously calibrated, guaranteeing accuracy and repeatability in test results.

To support the weight set, the loading platform is constructed from sturdy and durable materials. Its robust design ensures stability and prevents any accidental shifts or movements during testing. This is crucial for maintaining accurate measurements and reliable data.

With the Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set, users can confidently conduct shear strength tests on soil samples. This product meets the highest industry standards and is trusted by geotechnical professionals around the world. It is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in soil analysis, construction, or foundation engineering.

Invest in the Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set and experience the difference it makes in your soil testing procedures. Its precision, durability, and versatility will undoubtedly elevate your research and ensure accurate and reliable results.


Global Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set

Gilson HMA-729 Direct Residual Shear 32TSF Weight Set

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