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Gilson CS-60 Suspension Scale, 110lb

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The Suspension Scale is useful for weighing bulk field samples of construction materials. Rugged 110lb x 8oz and 50 x 0.2kg dual capacity spring scale features stainless steel construction with 9in (229mm) in diameter dial face. A tare feature allows the indicator needle to be reset to zero weight when measuring multiple items or to subtract the weight of a container. Two S-Hooks are provided for hanging scale and suspension of load.


  • Completely Portable, no power required
  • No set-up, hang S-Hooks anywhere to weigh suspended materials
  • Dual Scale, simultaneous weights in pounds or kilograms
  • Tare feature for container weights or multiple objects

Included Items:

  • 110lb/50kg Suspension Scale
  • Two steel S-Hooks
Global Gilson CS-60 Suspension Scale, 110lb

Gilson CS-60 Suspension Scale, 110lb