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Gilson 200mm Sieve, Brass/Stainless, Half Height, 50U

Price $190.98
Sieve Frame Diameter:
ISO Opening Size:
50 micrometer
Brass Frame/Stainless Steel Cloth
Frame Height:
Half Height
Mesh Size Range:
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
V015.V200CH 50U

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200mm Brass Frame / Stainless Steel Cloth Half Height ISO Test Sieves

Our 200mm diameter ISO Test Sieves meet ISO 565 and 3310-1 specifications for Compliance Sieves, and are in stock for immediate delivery. We offer all ISO 565 mesh sizes available. Every ISO sieve is fitted with a rubber O-ring for a dust-free seal when nested in a sieve stack. Many ISO opening sizes and tolerances are equivalent to ASTM E11 sizes.

Our ISO Sieves are available with stainless steel frames and mesh, or brass frames with stainless steel mesh in full height or half height sizes. High-quality all-stainless steel sieves offer long service life and reduce specimen contamination. ISO Test sieves are available with full height or half height frames. Half height frames allow more sieves to be used in a stack.

Sample volume and particle size determine proper frame diameter and height. Material is processed more efficiently and accurately on a sieve with more surface area, and blinding is reduced. The thickness of a specimen fraction on the mesh of a sieve should be no more than a couple of particles or layers deep. Frame height must permit proper agitation of the specimen, allowing larger particles enough room to reorient to the mesh surface.

Our ISO Compliance sieves are supplied with a serial number and Compliance certificate. The certificates do not verify measurements of an individual sieve, but that the wire cloth and manufacturing methods comply with ISO requirements.

200mm diameter ISO Test Sieve has stainless steel woven-wire cloth with 50µm openings and half height brass frame. Each sieve is individually serial numbered. Overall height is 1-5/8in and stacked height is 1-1/8in.


  • Individually serial numbered
  • Compliant with ISO 565, 3310-1 requirements for Compliance Sieves

Included Items:

  • 200mm Sieve, Brass/Stainless, Half Height, 50µm
  • Certificate of Conformance to ISO 565, 3310-1 requirements


  • Sieve Pans - nest underneath sieves to collect fines
  • Sieve Covers - prevent sample loss during agitation
  • Verification Services - provide NIST traceable documentation of opening sizes
  • Sieve Cleaning Brushes - ensure full recovery of specimens and proper care of sieves

Sieve Specifications

  • Sieve Frame Diameter: 200mm
  • Frame Height: Half Height
  • Stacked Frame Height: 1-1/8in
  • Overall Frame Height: 1-5/8in
  • Material: Brass Frame / Stainless Steel Cloth
  • ISO 565, 3310-1 Opening Size: 50µm
  • Backing Cloth Included: No
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 2.0lb (0.91kg)

Our Gilson 200mm Sieve is a reliable and durable tool for performing accurate particle size analysis. With its brass frame and stainless steel cloth, this half height sieve is designed to meet ISO specifications for Compliance Sieves.

The 200mm diameter of the sieve ensures that it can accommodate a larger sample volume, allowing for more efficient and accurate processing of materials. The stainless steel mesh provides superior durability and reduces the risk of specimen contamination, ensuring long service life.

The half height design of the sieve allows for more sieves to be stacked together, increasing the number of size fractions that can be analyzed at once. This is particularly useful when working with large or complex samples that require multiple sieve sizes.

Each Gilson 200mm Sieve is individually serial numbered and comes with a certificate of conformance to ISO 565 and 3310-1 requirements. While the certificate does not verify the measurements of an individual sieve, it does ensure that the wire cloth and manufacturing methods meet ISO standards.

In addition to the sieve itself, we offer a range of accessories to enhance your sieving process. Sieve pans can be placed underneath the sieves to collect fines, preventing loss of valuable materials. Sieve covers are also available to prevent sample loss during agitation. For those who require traceable documentation of opening sizes, we offer verification services that provide NIST traceable documentation. And to ensure the proper care of your sieves and full recovery of specimens, we offer sieve cleaning brushes.

The Gilson 200mm Sieve is backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We guarantee that our sieves will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With a estimated shipping weight of 2.0lb (0.91kg), our sieves are ready for immediate delivery.

Choose our Gilson 200mm Sieve, Brass/Stainless, Half Height, 50U for accurate and reliable particle size analysis. Experience the difference of a high-quality sieve that is built to last.

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Global Gilson V200CH 50U, 200mm Diameter Half Height Sieve, Brass Frame, Stainless Cloth, 50 micrometer

Gilson 200mm Sieve, Brass/Stainless, Half Height, 50U