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Gilson 12in Sieve, All Stainless, Intermediate, .530in

Price $154.98
Sieve Frame Diameter:
Mesh Opening Size:
0.530in (13.2mm)
All Stainless Steel
Frame Height:
Intermediate Height
Mesh Size Range:
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
V015.V12SI .530"

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ASTM 12" All Stainless Intermediate Height Test Sieves

Our testing sieves are of the highest quality to ensure consistent fit, accurate specifications, and durable stainless steel construction. All ASTM Test Sieves are supplied with a Certificate of Compliance.

12in (305mm) diameter ASTM E11 Test Sieve has stainless steel woven-wire cloth with 0.530in (13.2mm) openings and intermediate height stainless steel frame. Overall height is 3in and stacked height is 2-1/8in.


  • Individually serial numbered
  • Compliant with ASTM E11 requirements for Compliance Sieves

Included Items:

  • 12” Sieve, All Stainless, Intermediate Height, .530”
  • Certificate of Conformance to ASTM E11 requirements


  • Sieve Pans - nest underneath sieves to collect fines
  • Sieve Covers - prevent sample loss during agitation
  • Verification Services - provide NIST traceable documentation of opening sizes

Sieve Specifications

  • Sieve Frame Diameter: 12in (305mm)
  • Frame Height: Intermediate Height
  • Stacked Frame Height: 2-1/8in
  • Overall Frame Height: 3in
  • Material: Stainless Steel Frame/Stainless Steel Cloth
  • ASTM E11 Opening Size: 0.530in (13.2mm)
  • Backing Cloth Included: No
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 4.0lb (1.81kg)

The Gilson 12in Sieve is a high-quality testing sieve designed for accurate and reliable particle size analysis. With its all stainless steel construction, this sieve ensures a consistent fit and long-lasting durability. It is specifically designed to meet the ASTM E11 requirements for Compliance Sieves.

Measuring 12 inches (305mm) in diameter, this sieve features stainless steel woven-wire cloth with 0.530in (13.2mm) openings. The intermediate height stainless steel frame provides optimal support and stability. The overall height of the sieve is 3 inches, with a stacked height of 2-1/8 inches.

Each sieve is individually serial numbered, ensuring traceability and quality control. It is supplied with a Certificate of Conformance to ASTM E11 requirements, guaranteeing its compliance and accuracy.

In addition to the sieve itself, we offer a range of accessories to enhance the testing process. Sieve pans can be nested underneath the sieves to collect fines, preventing sample loss. Sieve covers are available to prevent sample loss during agitation. If required, we also provide verification services that offer NIST traceable documentation of opening sizes.

The sieve frame diameter is 12 inches (305mm), and the frame height is of intermediate height. The stacked frame height is 2-1/8 inches, while the overall frame height is 3 inches. The sieve frame and cloth are both made of stainless steel, ensuring reliability and longevity. The ASTM E11 opening size is 0.530 inches (13.2mm), meeting the standard requirements for accurate particle size analysis.

The estimated shipping weight of this sieve is 4.0lb (1.81kg), ensuring safe and prompt delivery to your destination.

Choose the Gilson 12in Sieve for your particle size analysis needs and experience reliable and accurate results. With its all stainless steel construction, compliance with ASTM E11 requirements, and a range of accessories, this sieve is the perfect choice for any testing application.
Global Gilson V12SI .530", 12in Diameter Intermediate Height Sieve, Stainless Frame, Stainless Cloth, 0.530in (13.2mm)

Gilson 12in Sieve, All Stainless, Intermediate, .530in