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Funnels, buchner, pp, 110mm (pk of 12)

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The United Scientific 57106-PK/12 Funnels, buchner, pp, 110mm (pk of 12) is a must-have for any laboratory! These polypropylene two-piece funnels are designed with the utmost convenience in mind. Lightweight, easy to clean and autoclavable, these funnels are perfect for any laboratory seeking to improve their efficiency and productivity.

Designed with safety in mind, the top portion of the funnel snaps into the lower portion creating a vacuum seal that does not require any greasing. This eliminates the need for messy lubricants that can cause product contamination. Additionally, the base of the top portion has a perforated filter plate that ensures that the right amount of product is filtered.

These funnels are equipped with ample capacity, 650ml to be exact, making them ideal for large experiments or productions. The top outer diameter measures 136mm and the stem length is 85mm, meaning that it will be a perfect fit for most laboratory vessels. The filter paper size is 11cm, ensuring that it can handle larger amounts of product filtration.

Each pack contains 12 high-quality funnels, which means that you will always have a few spares on hand when you need it the most. As a reliable laboratory equipment provider, United Scientific ensures that every product that they supply is of the highest standards. With the United Scientific 57106-PK/12 Funnels, buchner, pp, 110mm (pk of 12), you can be assured that you are getting a high-quality product that will improve your laboratory's productivity and safety.
 United Scientific 57106-PK/12 Funnels, buchner, pp, 110mm (pk of 12)

Funnels, buchner, pp, 110mm (pk of 12)