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Filtering flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml

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The United Scientific FG5340-1000 Filtering Flask is the perfect addition to your laboratory equipment collection. Made of heavy wall borosilicate glass, this 1000ml flask is extremely durable and designed for high-volume filtration tasks. The flask includes a heavy-duty rim and a bolt neck with tubulation, making it easy to attach to a vacuum source.

Accurate measurements are key in any laboratory work, which is why the FG5340-1000 Flask features printed graduations in durable white enamel. The flask has a graduation range of 400-1000ml with graduation intervals of 50ml, allowing you to obtain precise measurements for your experiments. The flask also comes with a stopper size of 8 and a tubing size of 3/8, making it easy to connect to your filtration set up.

The FG5340-1000 Filtering Flask is part of our high-quality Glassware and Plasticware collection. Its capacity of 1000ml, with an Approx. O.D. × Height of 138 x 245 mm, is perfect for high-volume filtration. Whether you're a professional researcher, a student, or a hobbyist, you can trust this flask to deliver top-notch results every time.

Each pack contains three FG5340-1000 Filtering Flasks, so you'll have enough on hand for your various laboratory tasks. This flask is perfect for laboratory filtration tasks such as vacuum filtration, separations, and distillation. It can also be used for storage of liquids, making it a versatile laboratory tool that you'll appreciate having in your collection.

In conclusion, the United Scientific FG5340-1000 Filtering Flask, made of heavy wall borosilicate glass and featuring accurate white enamel graduations, is the ideal tool for your laboratory filtration tasks. Its durable design and the convenience of being sold in a pack of three, makes it a must-have for your laboratory collection.

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 United Scientific FG5340-1000 Filtering flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml

Filtering flask, borosilicate glass, 1000ml