Feathers, 3 types

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The United Scientific 100-31 Feathers product comes with three types of feathers, containing a total of 24 feathers for each type. These feathers are meticulously prepared to meet high-quality standards and showcase premium specimens in a variety of fields, including Zoology, Botany, Histology, General Biology, Parasitology, Embryology, Fungi, Monera, and Protista. They are perfect for educators, researchers, students, and hobbyists alike.

The slides are carefully designed to display a clear and detailed view of each specimen, providing an optimal learning experience through observation and analysis. The product is made with great attention to detail and adheres to high production standards to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the samples.

Users should be aware that this product contains chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive harm, which are listed on the warning label. It is important to handle the specimens with care and follow proper safety procedures when using the product.

The product comes with a variety of feathers, each with distinct characteristics that make them valuable for the study of biology and related fields. It includes feathers from different animal species, such as birds and mammals. With the United Scientific 100-31 Feathers product, users can observe and examine the intricate structures of these specimens under a microscope, gaining a deeper understanding of biological processes and functions.

Overall, the United Scientific 100-31 Feathers product offers high-quality specimens for those interested in studying biology and related fields. Each feather is meticulously prepared and offers a comprehensive view of the structures and functions within. With all the features provided, this is a valuable addition to any learning or research tool kit.


 United Scientific 100-31 Feathers, 3 types (1 each)

Feathers, 3 types