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ET Gauge - Evapotranspiration Simulator

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ET Gauge Model A  (ET Gage) ETG1-W - Evapotranspiration Simulator for Irrigation Management.

EtGauge measures crop water use directly. EtGauge uses water at the same rate as your crop. It will show you when and how much to irrigate.

The ET Gauge helps you:

  • Prevent over and under irrigation.
  • Improves turf health.
  • Avoid wasting water, energy, fertilizer, topsoil and labor.

Covered ceramic evaporator mimics solar absorption and vapor diffusion Resistance of an irrigated crop. Growers appreciate the convenience of this tool. It is as easy to use as a rain gauge.

Patented EtGauge is used by farmers, irrigation consultants, and government agricultural personnel in 23 countries. Rain entry prevented by a check valve. Requires distilled water.

Package includes:

  • Stainless steel mounting bracket.
  • Rain gauge.
  • Irrigation management information and tables.

Made in USA

 Turf-Tec ETG1-W ET Gauge - Evapotranspiration Simulator

ET Gauge - Evapotranspiration Simulator