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Estwing Rock Hammer

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Estwing Rock Hammer

Estwing Rock Hammer is a robust steel outdoor striking hand tool and provides consistent performance for any type of geological fieldwork. This rugged and superior tool is ideal for digging, splitting, and prying.

The Estwing rock pick hammer is built with full forged one-piece tool-grade steel. This pristine design provides extra solidity for any type of in-field work conditions. It is constructed with a hand-sharpened pointed tip ideal for prying out samples or breaking rocks from the earth.

The rock pick hammer is hand polished from the head and down the neck for long-lasting performance. It is 13in (330mm) long with a 7.5in (191mm) long curved head. The hammerhead is constructed with a 22oz head weight. The shock-reduced grip handle is constructed with laminated leather "O" rings and pressed onto the hammer shaft to eliminate slipping.


  • Made of forged solid steel
  • Hand polished and sharpened for long-lasting performance
  • Shock-resistant, easy-grip handle
  • Superior construction

Length 13in (330mm)

Material Solid Steel

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The Estwing Rock Hammer is a must-have tool for any geological fieldwork. This durable and reliable hammer is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and is perfect for digging, splitting, and prying.

Constructed from a full forged one-piece tool-grade steel, the Estwing Rock Hammer offers unbeatable solidity and strength. The hand-sharpened pointed tip is perfect for prying out samples or breaking rocks from the earth, making it an essential tool for any geologist or outdoor enthusiast.

This rock hammer is not only rugged, but it also boasts a hand-polished finish. From the head to the neck, every part of this hammer is meticulously crafted to ensure long-lasting performance. Measuring at 13 inches (330mm) in length, with a curved head that is 7.5 inches (191mm) long, the Estwing Rock Hammer is designed to provide optimum grip, control, and precision.

One standout feature of this rock hammer is the shock-reduced grip handle. Constructed with laminated leather "O" rings and pressed onto the hammer shaft, this handle ensures a comfortable and secure hold, even in wet or slippery conditions. Say goodbye to slipping and hello to seamless striking!

With features like its forged solid steel construction, hand-polished and sharpened finish, shock-resistant grip, and superior overall construction, the Estwing Rock Hammer is the ultimate tool for any rock enthusiast. Whether you are a professional geologist or just love exploring the great outdoors, this rock hammer is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Estwing Rock Hammer today and experience the difference it can make in your geological research and exploration.

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Estwing Rock Hammer

Estwing Rock Hammer