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Elma Lab Clean S10 Mild Acid Cleaner - 02.5L

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Elma Lab Clean S10 for Metals including Aluminum and its Alloys, Glass, Ceramics, Plastics

  • Soils Removed:
    Mineral deposits, oxides, lime soaps, tarnish, light minerals, oils & greases, emulsions,   fingerprints & dust
  • Parts Cleaned:
    Labware from metals including aluminum & its alloys, glass, ceramic & plastics
  • Dilute to:
    1% with water with ultrasonics, ~0.5% for labware washers      

Elma Lab Clean S10 Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution for the Laboratory

  • What it is: a liquid, mildly acidic foam-inhibited concentrate for ultrasonic cleaning and for lab parts washers
  • What it cleans: Labware made of metals, light metals*, glass, ceramics, and plastics
  • What it removes: calcium & magnesium-bound contaminants (lime & lime soaps), oxides, light mineral oils & greases, emulsions, fingerprints & dust

Why you should use Elma Lab Clean S10 

  • Mildly acidic foam-inhibited cleaning concentrate for a variety of labware
  • Ideal for ultrasonic cleaners as well as laboratory parts washers
  • Easy to use
  • Economical, biodegradable, environmentally friendly

Elma Lab Clean S10 is a mildly acidic pH foam-inhibited cleaning concentrate for ultrasonic and labware washer cleaning of lab equipment made of metal including aluminum and light metal alloys, glass, ceramic, and plastic materials. Its foam inhibitors help assure free rinsing of cleaned products, making it easy to use. Its economy stems from a concentrate that can be diluted to 1% with water for use in an ultrasonic cleaner and its ability to handle multiple ultrasonic cleaning cycles before replacement is necessary. In addition, at a ~0.5% dilution it can be used in laboratory parts washers. Although it is water based and biodegradable, you should check with local authorities for disposal guidelines.

*Check magnesium alloys and acid sensitive glass before application.

How to Clean Labware with Elma Lab Clean S10

  1. Fill the ultrasonic cleaning tank half way with water, add the required amount of Elma Lab Clean S10 for a full tank, and continue adding water to the fill line.
  2. Set the heater to the recommended temperature (~50-70⬨√Ö°C), activate the ultrasound to mix and degas the solution.
  3. Position labware in the cleaning basket in such a way as to ensure solution contacts all surfaces.
  4. Immerse the basket in the solution. Cleaning time depends on amount and condition of contents.
  5. Remove and inspect, if OK rinse (DI water suggested) and dry.
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Elma Ultrasonic Elma Lab Clean S10 Mild Acid Cleaner - 02.5L

Elma Lab Clean S10 Mild Acid Cleaner - 02.5L

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