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Electroscope assembly, without flask pk/3

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The United Scientific ELFL02-PK/3 Electroscope Assembly is a must-have addition to your laboratory equipment. This set comes with three electroscopes, each without a flask, making it convenient for you to use it with your own 250ml borosilicate flask. The metal rod attached to the rubber stopper allows you to easily charge the electroscope with the knob on top of the stopper.

The electroscopes feature a pair of aluminum leaves, which are suspended from an alligator clip. When a charge enters the flask, the leaves separate, providing you with a clear indication of the presence and strength of the charge. This makes it an excellent tool for experiments involving electrostatics, allowing you to easily detect and measure static electricity.

In addition to the electroscopes, this product also comes with an activity guide to help you get started with your experiments right away. However, it is important to note that this product comes with a warning of potential cancer and reproductive harm, which can be found on the website provided.

The United Scientific ELFL02-PK/3 Electroscope Assembly without flask, pack of 3 provides you with a reliable and durable tool to aid you in your experiments involving electrostatics. Whether you are a student or a professional, this product is sure to provide you with accurate results and help you get the most out of your experiments. Invest in this product today and experience the benefits of reliable and accurate measurements of static electricity.
 United Scientific ELFL02-PK/3 Electroscope assembly, without flask, pack of 3

Electroscope assembly, without flask pk/3